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accessing the site

Postby dhillon » Thu Jul 21, 2016 10:42 pm

I installed sense/net using web deployment method. I created a site following the steps on " how to create site from scratch" document.
I want when I login into my site first page of custom site should be visible not the original demo site page.
should I delete the default site for that?
there are some changes to be done in web config?
I also want to solve the issue regarding accessing my site from other devices using the site url connected to my server but it shows page cannot be found..
please help me on these issues..
thanks a lot

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Re: accessing the site

Postby tusmester » Fri Sep 30, 2016 9:15 pm

Hi, the url that you type to the address bar is related to one and only one site in SenseNet. For example localhost is registered to the default site. If you want this url (or any other url) to point to your new site, you have to remove the old url from default site and add it to your new site (on the Edit properties page in Content Explorer). But please be aware that removing the url that you are currently using (e.g. localhost) is not a good idea, because it will break subsequent requests and you will be locked out from your portal :).
It is easier to achieve this by temporarily editing the URL list in the web.config. There you can define which url points to which SenseNet site.

Please also note that if you feel that something is missing from your site (e.g. the main page), you can always copy the missing pieces from the default site, so it is advisable to keep it for a while.

About accessing the site from another computer: you will have to set the url (which is obviously different from localhost, otherwise others will not be able to access it) on the IIS site in IIS Manager and in SenseNet Content Explorer too - see details in the article above.
Miklos Toth, developer at Sense/Net

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